On the wing


I think this is the same red-tailed hawk that I’ve seen lately around our neighborhood. It caught my attention because several times I’ve heard it calling repeatedly. I understand their calls are territorial, to protect from intruders. I thought I was going to catch it perched in the tree but like so many wild critters it said “Nope!” when it spied something aimed its way.

Redtail n RWBB

Almost as soon as it took wing one of the local red winged blackbirds in the nearby marsh decided to protect its interests and make sure the hawk didn’t feel welcome. Predator or prey, it can’t be an easy life.

7 thoughts on “On the wing”

  1. I’m always amazed at the small size of the birds tat chase the predators away You don’t have to be large to be brave.

  2. Got to say I’m kinda jealous. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a decent shot of any kind of hawk flying or not. Saw one the other day on the golf course, but by the time I had camera in hand he was speck in the distance. These are nice!

    Dr. visit was all routine. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful! It always amazes me that the little birds are so feisty around birds of prey. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a red-tailed hawk. I’d be captivated — especially if I witnessed this scene.

  4. Humans don’t realize that for most animals, life is a daily — hourly, minute-by-minute — effort to find something to kill and eat and to avoid being killed and eaten.

  5. I’ve been scrolling back on your photos and am amazed at how many posts I’ve missed! Good grief; I’m glad that I finally have seen these photos. Great bird snaps!!

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