March balloon ride

Tuesday morning was flawless. This balloon went breathtakingly high over the Dungeness Valley. Then, for a little while, it was low enough to catch with the Olympic Mountains as a backdrop. And it was gone. Someone had a spectacular ride.

Check out Morning Star Balloon Company if you are interested in details about taking a ride. And click on “comments” above to hear from Larry, the lucky rider.

9 thoughts on “March balloon ride”

  1. And someone got a spectacular shot! Just gorgeous. I really like how the balloon is sort of brushing the mountains and the bird soaring in the sky. Great job.

  2. Believe it or not, I’m IN that balloon. Soared to 3200 feet above Sequim. Flew from Sequim Valley Airport to a field along Barr Road in Agnew. Beutiful view of Olympic Mountains to the south, Mt. Baker and Cascades to the east, Port Angeles to the west, and Juna de Fuca Stait and Victoria B.C. to the north. As well as little tiny cars, horses, and cows on the ground 🙂

  3. That is one of the stunning photos I’ve ever seen – the balloon atop the mountain – the mountains and what looks to be an eagle flying – I figure it has to be an eagle to be seen in that size photo. Absolutely stunning!!!!!!

  4. One of the best shots I have seen with the mountains. Thank you for posting. If interested in flying the Olympic Peninsula or if you have a fundraiser or event which needs a balloon for exposure (we donate) contact Morning Star Balloon Co. 360-601-2433

  5. Whoa, Larry! That’s amazing! You took one of the most gorgeous flights I’ve seen! I’m so glad I captured it. And thank you for posting the url; I didn’t remember to embed the link. Morning Star Balloon and Captain Crystal are local. (And, JoAnn, I agree that’s probably an eagle in the shot.)

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