Lap dog

You’re a big Labrador Retriever. Really big. You love to cuddle. You can’t get onto the furniture. So what do you do when you want a little loving? Drape yourself over your person when he’s on the floor doing his daily exercises. Sure you slide off. But you’ll still have a blissful moment of Quality Time.

6 thoughts on “Lap dog”

  1. Our neighbor across the street has a black lab puppy that is growing up fast. She’s a cute thing but very strong and I often see my neighbor flying down the street on the handle end of a leash!

    It’s hard for a good-sized dog to cuddle. Our Golden used to try it but usually ended up with only her head in a lap!

    A nice loving picture.

  2. They are all lap dogs, just vary in size. Up until a few years ago when I “downsized”, I spent a LOT of time on the floor. Great shot, Kay.

  3. You just need to persuade the lab’s person that for some exercises a heavy weight is needed.

    BTW, Shannon popped into my mind. Is she still in Sequim and still doing well. She seemed like a nice person. (As do YOU.)

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