Just another stunning view

There are a lot of beautiful homes around here and most have gorgeous views. I found myself admiring the setting for this one. But I’m also a sucker for covered porches so this one obviously proved irresistible.

7 thoughts on “Just another stunning view”

  1. Being from SF, you must know where Turlock is. Right? Do you miss it? I’ve met several people from SF and they claimed it was paradise and they always dreamed of going back there to stay.

    But I have a hunch you’re in a much better spot in Sequim!

  2. You have the mountains AND this!!? Perhaps we should move or at least visit the area, after we recover from this last road trip! It really is picture perfect, Kay!

  3. I’m with you. This is a wonderful place, with mountains and water AND a fine house. My West Hartford house has a big covered side porch and I live out there in the summertime. The equivalent in southwest Florida is a lanai, which this house has. I enjoy it, but the difference is that a Florida lanai is designed to be private, unseen by the neighbors, while the New England porch is out there, so that you can watch the neighbors walk past.

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