7 thoughts on “Irresistible”

  1. Can’t beat either one, but sunshine tops my list. I can endure almost any temperature Minnesota has in store for us if the bright rays are present.

  2. It’s supposed to be sunny here for the next couple of days and then a couple of days of rain. We’ve had more rain this winter than I can remember. But I’m gonna play golf tomorrow for sure!

    Love this photo. Do you know to which plant those leaves belong?

    Hope your sunshine holds for the weekend!

  3. I agree. It is going to be sunny today – we are headed for the back side of the Skagit River – I’ve heard there are many eagles along the river there – and then to Samish Island – Dunlins in flocks have been sighted – let’s go!

  4. It looks a lot like coleus to me. Blue skies make a world of difference. I worked for six years in Ohio, where the “lake effect” from the Great Lakes makes it cloudy every day from November through spring. Even though the temperatures were nearly identical to southern New England temperatures, the Ohio winters were hard to bear, while New England (and its blue skies) were far nicer. Of course, better yet is Florida, where the skies are often blue AND the winter temperatures are much higher.

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