Our floors are sometimes paved with dog toys and our pooch is more than happy to surround himself with them. He loves Christmas and joyously waits as his presents are unwrapped and handed to him (we don’t encourage doggy destruction). This bin is not far from a door that leads to our garage. When we arrive home our pup grabs the moment’s favorite to greet us with a toy-filled mouth, wagging furiously.

Yep. Need I say more?

6 thoughts on “Spoiled?”

  1. Andy is right! Beautiful toys in a lovely basket, which is in very good shape. We have a granddog that would find the basket more fun than the animals!! Perhaps the sign should read “Two people spoiled by a very nice dog live here!”

  2. What’s a dog for if not to spoil. I’m not sure you can lavish too much attention or love on a pet. And they will respond in kind which is one of the great joys of life. Keep up the good work!

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