Crab season

I heard someone recently pose the question, “What would you eat if you could choose your last meal?” I decided not to overthink it. Crab. Steamed and cracked. If there were time to get fancy I’d throw in old fashioned San Francisco sourdough bread and a big Caesar salad. This, for me, is a perfect Happy Meal.

Above is a commercial operation in Port Townsend, New Day Fisheries. Many people around here go crabbing and harvest crabs for themselves.

4 thoughts on “Crab season”

  1. Can’t argue with your choices for last feast. I’d rather think of it as a “happy meal.” For me it would be any kind of seafood. Let’s see: how about jambalaya with crusty bread and a caesar salad with lots of anchovies. Shrimp and Grits would suffice, too. Lobster wouldn’t be bad either. My table would be laden with gems from the sea! So glad I do not have shellfish allergies.

  2. Great photo. One of my favorite places to photograph crab pots is on the dock near the Lummi Island Ferry Dock (mainland side). They are like art.

    I think I’d have a nice thick slab of grilled halibut – thank you!

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