See anything you like?

Done your holiday shopping yet?

I found this shop in Paris. It’s my idea of a bad dream. Retailers in the U.S. love to rearrange their stock so shoppers have to wander around aimlessly as they try to find all the stuff that was down this aisle or that the last time they were in the store. Around here there are often clerks who willingly help customers find things and they’re often even cheerful. That helps. But it can be maddening when you’ve got a list that’s carefully drawn to save time and then all that time’s spent wandering through the various departments where the item might be found…if indeed the store carries it. Two more shopping days ’til Christmas. Ho ho ho.

4 thoughts on “See anything you like?”

  1. I love to browse for books, but that stack is a bit daunting. Yet, I know it would pull me in. . . I might get buried under all of them, tho.

  2. Your commentThis would not work for me. I’d be wanting to see the one 23rd from the bottom and would feel guilty for the disturbance of the balanced stack (and for probably not wanting to buy it after all.)

  3. This is great! I love shots like this and it shows a bit of an exotic travel spot. Heaven forbid you actually are looking for a specific title. Then again, I’ll bet the shopkeeper knows where everything is!!

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