The steeple

Driving on West Washington a month or so ago I did a double-take as I drove past the Mormon Church. A steeple? I don’t remember there being a steeple on that building. They put a new roof on this summer. I remember that. But a steeple??

We later asked at a nearby business: “Is that a new steeple on the church over there?” Yes, it is.

On a sunnier day it’s very bright. And, strictly in my opinion, on a clean-lined building like this the styles don’t exactly mesh. But I guess nothing says “Hey! Here’s a church!” like a bright, white steeple.

4 thoughts on “The steeple”

  1. I sometimes toy with the idea of posting church steeples because they are recognizable images there still is quite a variety of styles. It is indeed better to have a complementary architectural style between building and steeple.

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