Beach art

West coast crabs are usually called “Dungeness” crabs, named for our region where they’re found in abundance. I didn’t move here simply because crab is one of my favorite foods, though it did aid in my overall enthusiasm for this place.

I don’t know what colored this one; the inside of a crab shell isn’t usually this soft shade of lavender. But it made for an interesting piece of flotsam on the beach.

6 thoughts on “Beach art”

  1. Nature doing its work again! It’s more than just interesting. . .it is a beautiful image. I, too, love crab but know so little about these delectable creatures. Guess it’s research time again!

  2. After a little research I learned more about your crabs and now understand why crab meat is expensive. The mating and time of maturation is not exactly a short span of time.

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