Heading for home

When it came time to head for home we skipped the anxiety of a morning drive to the airport in predictable urban traffic. I found a hotel with a shuttle located not far from the airport for our last night in France. Not bad so far. Once we found our way there we discovered ourselves in a hotel version of a small, sterile strip mall: a string of nondescript hotels near a highway. Our hotel only served breakfast and we were overdue for lunch. With advice from the front desk, we headed up a short hill in search of a meal at a neighboring hotel. That done, we had hours of daylight and no appetite for boredom. We headed for the sidewalk (on one side of the street only) to stretch our legs before folding them up on a long transAtlantic flight.

We walked several blocks before we emerged into the medieval town of Roissy. A stone’s throw from our hotel, this pretty little town seems to stand as a bulwark against the anonymous modern hotels nearby. Cobblestone streets, stone buildings, and the lovely church above. It was just the ticket for winding down from the bustle of Paris. A couple more shots of Roissy tomorrow and then I’ll return to Sequim.

6 thoughts on “Heading for home”

  1. A delightful bit of France for your last night. Goes to show that the world has delights for curious folks who willing to venture forth and look around.

  2. such a nice find!
    yes, flying for so long is not at all my hobby… and you had to go even further, crossing the entire US!!

  3. What a wondrous spot to find – on your last few hours in Paris. It sounds like a wonderful trip – I’m glad you are home – and glad you had such an adventure.

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