Happy face

Marigolds seem like workhorse flowers. Nothing exotic, but bold and reliably pretty shocks of color wherever they’re nestled in. I read somewhere that they discourage cutworms in a garden, so I’ve put them in among other plantings. I’m not convinced that they work for that, but they’re plenty cheerful. That’s good enough for me.

6 thoughts on “Happy face”

  1. Beautiful flowers – love that shot. The way I’ve heard to use marigolds for pests is to grow them, let them mature and then dig the plants into the soil – that is how they work best. No rain so far today – but clouds – I think the heavy rains are over for a while – I sure hope so, I was beginning to study my plan for building the ark.

  2. I have also read that marigolds deter some pests. I used to use them, but I found that annuals take too much work, so today I rely mainly on perennials except for coleus, begonia and vinca (replacing impatiens).

  3. I put them out front last Halloween ’cause, like Jack, I heard the deter some pests. But the darn kids showed up at the door anyway yelling “Trick or Treat.” Makes me think Jack doesn’t know Jack! Heh, heh!

    Pretty flower shot!

  4. I’ve been enjoying the bright yellow flowers on some blogs today. They must cheer us up!!

    Haven’t been commenting lately because of a real pain in ithe neck. Meds not working yet. Computer and keyboard posture difficult, but I’ll be back–don’t go away!

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