Sand sculpture resurrection

Last summer I posted a version of this sand sculpture here. The sculpture, entitled “Violet Picking Lavender,” was a volunteer effort by Kali Bradford who spent over 200 hours on the work to celebrate Sequim’s annual Lavender Faire and Festival. I posted a photo of the work on July 7th. A week later vandals destroyed the top of the castle and smashed “Violet’s” head off.

Bradford returned to work on the sculpture last month, adding the lion to protect Violet. And she rebuilt Violet’s head.

I don’t think this dragon was part of the earlier sculpture when I saw it; it’s not in any of the photos I took.

Although there is rain erosion, you can see some of the human-caused damage in this shot. To call it senseless is an understatement.

Bradford admitted she didn’t have the heart to rebuild the sculpture after the vandalism but said in the newspaper last Friday getting back to the sculpture was a way for her to heal from the vandalism. “That’s the great thing about sand: I can always rebuilt it.”

7 thoughts on “Sand sculpture resurrection”

  1. Do you think we have more crazy people than ever? Seems that way. Many of them in the government they claim to hate!

    Can’t understand someone wanting to destroy such a work of art … kudos to Ms. Bradford. I’m in awe of anyone who has the skill to do this kind of thing!

  2. Crazy people… Unfortunately some can’t appreaciate the joy of life and they need to destroy everything what’s on their way….

    I like the lion ! Beautiful sculpture !

  3. What a shame. I thought that a nice place like Sequim might be unaffected by the craziness that so many other places are affected by. I’m hoping that the lion does its job at safeguarding the sculpture.

  4. its sad when someone destroys work of others. and why?!
    i wouldnt have the patience (or skills) to make something like this, but i like sand sculptures!

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