8 thoughts on “Sidewalk art”

  1. I answered your apple/apple sauce question on my blog, but I’m never sure people return to see if their question was answered so I copied it here: Honey Crisp are my hands down favorite. I got seconds for the applesauce and prime for eating. I tried a different kind yesterday for applesauce and although mighty tasty it wasn’t as good. I had shared the earlier batch with a friend who described it as “smooth and divine!” This time I used brown sugar and it wasn’t as good. . . too strong. I LOVE to cook; baking defeats me, but cooking is so much fun. If I ever win the lottery (stupid me occasionally buys tickets) I shall remodel and have a gourmet kitchen. That, of course, is being done when I fly to Paris to attend Cordon Bleu cooking school.

  2. How very nice. Sometimes, compared to other European countries, we tend to treat out public spaces rather badly, so it’s nice to see that some thought and care has gone into this esplanade. These are quite beautiful and certainly relate to the project’s proximity to the water!

    Wishing you and yours a happy Sunday!

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