A day at the beach

After we left Kalaloch Campground at Olympic National Park last week we headed south. Like Kalaloch, Ocean City State Park in southern Washington had the highest rating in our Camping Washington guide. And, since they were recommended, we’d even made reservations and selected a large site surrounded with lush trees and shrubs. The beach was a 5-10 minute walk.

We arrived in the pouring rain and aside from the variety of “downpour” versus “lighter showers,” it stayed wet. We hadn’t really needed reservations. But the following day dawned dry and improved until it was actually sunny. And the local population came out and enjoyed the beach with us.

There is a highway in Ocean City that literally terminates at the beach. Throughout the entire afternoon we were there, a steady stream of cars and trucks drove up and down the beach near the waves. Most drove sensibly. A few, like this one, were in pretend car commercials. One drove in a donut, spraying sand everywhere. This was when we decided to lie further back, in the dunes.

I’m not used to sharing beaches with traffic. In addition to horses and cars, we also saw mopeds and bicycles. Is the old fashioned beach walk becoming a thing of the past?

7 thoughts on “A day at the beach”

  1. This is a VERY active beach, and I am surprised that all that traffic is allowed. Wonder what it does to the beach environment…apparently locals don’t seem to care. Love the top photos; one of my fondest memories is of my husband and small grand-daughter riding horses on the beach in Mazatlán, México. People there were not happy about horses and what they might leave behind. But it sure was a pleasant experience for our family.

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  3. Super photos, both, but I love horses so the first one gets my vote for 1st prize. In Florida, driving on the beaches in prohibited in most areas. You can drive on the beaches at Daytona Beach but I don’t know of any others. And every once in awhile someone laying in the sand gets run over!

  4. The photo of the horses and riders in the first shot is wonderful. The vehicle? Not so much. I don’t see much reason to permit cars to ride on a beach.

  5. I agree – no cars and motorcycles – horses, ok. When we lived in CA you couldn’t take your vehicles on the beach – I wish Washington would do that. When we went to Ocean Shores with our grandsons a couple years back we actually had to watch out for their safety because of so many cars on the beach – crazy. Love the horse picture!!!

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