On the road again

We planned a trip on admittedly short notice. While still on the injured list, the vet reduced our dog’s “no walks!” orders, allowing us to take off camping in our last open window of time anywhere close to summer. And the day we planned the trip was sunny, warm, and flawless. A trip along Washington’s Pacific Coast? Perfect!

This was sunset on our first night out, at Kalaloch Campground in Olympic National Park, about three hours drive west and south of Sequim. Kalaloch (pronounced CLAY-lock) is one of the few dog-friendly units in Olympic Park, meaning our pooch could legally walk with us to the beach, down a short trail from the campground. It’s a beautiful, seemingly endless expanse of sand punctuated with driftwood logs. At night campers drift off to sleep with the sound of waves dashed endlessly on shore. Sweet!

7 thoughts on “On the road again”

  1. There are few sounds sweeter than that of lapping waves during nighttime. A wonderful lullaby. Such fun to find a beautiful beach such as this for your dog; may he heal quickly!

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