Point Wilson Lighthouse

Point Wilson juts like a thumb into the Admiralty Inlet. It’s in Fort Worden State Park, just northeast of Port Townsend. It is operated by the Coast Guard and not open to the public. I posted a picture of it here, taken south of the light station. The view above is from North Beach in Port Townsend, from the west looking east.

Here’s a pictorial view of “why lighthouses are important.” Coming from the Pacific through the Strait of Juan De Fuca, ships turn right here, pass through Admiralty Inlet, and head south into Puget Sound. There’s another lighthouse across the Inlet, fittingly named “Admiralty Head Lighthouse,” located at historic Fort Casey. The distance between them is less than four miles. The perspective here plays a part, but doesn’t the lighthouse look small compared to the ship?

7 thoughts on “Point Wilson Lighthouse”

  1. Two interesting photos. The top one is a lovely landscape, but the second one really does the job of showing the lighthouse at work.

    Yup, I do get a credit against the cost of the next trip. Not huge, but it is a nice gesture. The bragging rights are more important to me. Cool about having one of your images in a book. I have granted permission for a couple, but didn’t follow up to see the books.

  2. Unrealistic, I’m sure, but I’ve always had romantic feelings and thoughts about lighthouses. Would love to live in one for a little while.

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