6 thoughts on “Carrie Blake in bloom”

  1. Summer is really a wonderful time of year. I do miss summers up north. But not winters!
    When I first read the title I thought you were talking about a movie star who had gotten pregnant. But then I couldn’t remember any Carrie Blake. 🙂

  2. My husband and I and our 2 dogs visited Carrie Blake Park in early July from Phoenix, AZ. I don’t remember seeing this area. Is it near the entrance where the water is?
    Thanks for this beautiful photo, Kay.

  3. Hi again, Kay. In response to your question: They are live oaks. We had mainly two kinds of oak trees in Florida, live oaks and water oaks. Live oaks are wonderful, very solid and very beautiful trees. They are green year-round and can grow quite large, although they are slow-growing. Water oaks, of which we had a yard full at our east Ocala home, are fast-growing but are not very stable. They soak up water and makes them vulnerable to storms. We moved to that house in 2004 right after a hurricane blew through and many water oaks were blown down. Water oaks also lose leaves (but not all of them) twice a year which makes the yard a mess, to say nothing of the pool!

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