Sculptors at work

Sand sculptors are interesting to watch since they work fairly quickly in a medium that works fast and shows fine detail. Sue McGraw, shown here at the Windermere Sand Sculpture Classic contest last Friday, sculpted a piece she entitled “Momma’s Baby.” She placed second with this entry in the “Going to the Zoo” theme. Adding texture to the giraffe necks, her tool of choice here was a table fork.

Third place winner Brent Terry is working here on his entry, “Have an Ice Stay,” complete with a hollowed out igloo that wowed everyone. Cleaning up his work here he used a tool that was slightly more robust than a drinking straw.

I’d only seen sand sculptures on the Internet before I moved to the Olympic Peninsula. The Windermere Sand Sculpture Classic each year allows a real time, closer look at this amazing art form.

Today is Theme Day with City Daily Photo. If you’d like to see what participating photographers have made of today’s theme, street lamps, click here.

6 thoughts on “Sculptors at work”

  1. i think its amazing what they can make out of sand.. but i would never have the patience and the fact that it is only temporary… i wouldnt like that!

  2. I have seen most impressive sand sculptures in Mazatlán, México . . . as the ones here are, also. It’s an amazing technique, isn’t it?

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