9 thoughts on “Barn and Baker”

  1. Hi, Kay. The Skagit Valley is certainly a picturesque place. And you’ve created a beautiful photo here. Bucolic, I think is the word. Sorry you’re needing some sun and warmth and I’d certainly send you some if I knew how to do it. But, I’m guessing that summer in all its glory will soon be upon you!

    Mt. Baker is beautiful and ethereal – you’re right!

  2. Oooh, this is so pretty! It looks like a scene you’d see on a calendar featuring barns. Love the variety of colors — and Mt. Baker looming high above is breathtaking. P.S.: Yes, I’m enjoying the new lens. Funny, though…yesterday’s osprey-sashimi shot was taken with my old long lens.

  3. My favorite mountain – our views from up here are so different – the shape of the mountain is completely different. I love any photos of the mountain – and this one is spectacular.

  4. SRQ stole my words. I was going to say that this image is a good one for a calendar.

    Interesting about woolly mammoths in your area. I am SO tempted to tell you that I knew that.

  5. i like the light on the barn..
    and its good to know you would want the table…! 🙂 craigslist proves to be quite tiring. people email, show interest. and then you never hear anything back. we had much more luck when buying… now i know why!

  6. I would love to have someone paint this scene and then own the painting. Very lovely shot, as are all of your photos. You always take such care with technique when photographing.

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