Highway 101 widening

A 3.5 mile stretch of Highway 101 is being widened between Sequim and Port Angeles to the west. Big swaths of land are being cleared to add a second lane in either direction, dramatically altering the look of the land.

The work and the changes are a big distraction to drivers and many aren’t accustomed to the caution necessary to drive safely in a construction zone. There have been three accidents in this zone in the last two or three weeks, the most recent including a fatality. As drivers have slowed or made a turn they have been rear-ended, causing chain reactions that have sent cars into ditches and spinning into oncoming traffic.

The man who was killed this week did work in our home shortly after we moved here and was a very nice, kind, and gentle soul. I don’t care how impatient one can be with traffic, or how late. Nothing justifies ending a life like this because someone’s following too closely. Locals, please drive like your life depends on it. It does.

4 thoughts on “Highway 101 widening”

  1. I hate to see beautiful land torn up like this just so people can get from one place to another a wee bit faster. And drivers are nuts. We kill 45,000 people every year on our highways and the biggest factor is speed!

    Re your question on Ocala: I haven’t seen mini-horses on this farm. I guess I should call it a horse mini-farm! 🙂 There are mini-horses in the area, though.

  2. So sad about the accidents – some people just don’t slow down. We have been thinking of coming out to see Sequim again – but after last night’s disastrous I-5 bridge collapse I don’t want to even think about Deception Pass bridge – it is one of the oldest in the state – no thanks.

  3. I used to drive public transit for a living. There are people out there that should not be allowed to drive. They just don’t get it.

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