The days of bees and roses

The wild nootka roses are beginning to bloom again. For anyone fond of the adage, “stop and smell the roses” this is cause for celebration. Their scent is classic, heavenly rose. But my human nose wasn’t the only thing enjoying the roses. This bee was having a field day. It was lingering, almost lounging. If it could have rolled in the pollen I think it would have. And if I’d have been able to turn it into a cartoon, the thought bubble would say – with a French accent – “Oh, ma cherie! It has been so long! My heart has ached for the beauty of your soft petals and the sweetness of your pollen! At last! We are together again!” or, you know, something roughly like that.

And which makes me wonder: did you know that only female bees collect pollen?

3 thoughts on “The days of bees and roses”

  1. I learned a couple of things from you today: 1) Only female bees collect pollen, and 2) you have the soul of a romantic poet!

    This is the second bee/flower shot I’ve seen today which is a good thing as I’ve been reading about how bees are disappearing and if that happens we’re in deep ca-ca.

    Flamingos aren’t very friendly, but Florida flamingos are pretty!

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