The Scamp comes home

First it was a viewing of the Scamp at the Wooden Boat Festival in 2011. Then it was a year’s worth of dreaming, comparing, and more dreaming. Next it was a set of plans and a class scheduled on the calendar. A few weeks ago it was a pile of lumber. Last Saturday, this is what came home from an intensive two-week class: our very own Scamp, the work of my frankly awesome husband.

Our new Scamp, now living in the shop, still has a way to go before she’s ready to launch. She will be named “Perigee” and will have a dark green hull with black and yellow boot top. The topside will be buff and she will have a tanbark sail. These are classic yachting colors – my husband is a traditionalist when it comes to boats. Think he looks happy?

12 thoughts on “The Scamp comes home”

  1. This has been a real treat and a great education following this process Andy is absolutely right; don’t stop now. Keep us informed. Congratulations to your husband for his project and you for your documentation of the process!

  2. A dream come true – almost ready to fulfill the dream when it goes into the water. Have watched with fascination and interest all the postings you have made – great job on hubby’s work on the project as well as your excellent narrative, Kay.

    We are here in Sequim this week and have seen the “Max” box as we drove by it and glad that finally had a productive ending! Perseverance pays off.

  3. I am impressed. I know someone else who built a wooden boat, so I have n appreciation for how difficult it is and how much time it takes.

  4. It,s coming along beautifully. I am hoping to at least float mine in two weeks. I want have the masts ir spars done but can,t wait to try it out I love seeing the progress others make as well.

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