Tour de Dung 2, the gals

Here are some of the women who raced in the Tour de Dung on Saturday. And it bears repeating: It’s not off-roading through barnyards. It’s “Dung” as in “Dungeness.”

There aren’t as many women racers as men, but there’s a good enough turnout that it looks competitive. Bikers will race again this coming Saturday. If you’re local, do watch out for bicyclists and give them wide berth.

This competition is billed as a good warm-up competition for early season racing. I’ll post some final Tour photos tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Tour de Dung 2, the gals”

  1. Male or female, this kind of racing takes tremendous strength and stamina. More power to all involved.

    We’re in Tampa for a couple of days, so won’t be posting. Hope you’re doing well.

  2. Thank you for your support & photos! We are so happy to have more folks interested to support women’s competitive cycling! Tour de Dung is a great race and we’ll be out there again tomorrow morning! Here’s the schedule:
    Come on out and cheer us on, there are teams from all over the Greater Seattle area coming out to race in lovely Sequim! Thanks again Kay for posting this! We are thrilled. 🙂
    twitter: @lynnewatanabe

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