Tour de Dung 1, the guys

The bicyclists rolled into town yesterday for the annual “Tour de Dung.” “Dung,” as in “Dungeness,” the location. The Sequim Daily Photo roadside experts (moi) concluded that there were a lot of them. Today the guys pedal by. I’ll post shots of some of the gals tomorrow.

We had March “rainshadow” weather, everything but sleet and snow. Light mist turned to rain and then the wind picked up. And there was sun by the time it was all over. For the casual viewer standing idly by it was cold.

Bicycles are quiet vehicles and there’s not a lot of conversation. But there’s a palpable rush of wind and energy as the tide of racers passes.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you of the Irish persuasion!

4 thoughts on “Tour de Dung 1, the guys”

  1. I’m certainly glad you explained the meaning of “dung” in this context. Otherwise I might have thought Lance Armstrong was involved! šŸ™‚ I ride bikes a lot but this kind of thing has never interested me although I like to watch it (for a time). Nice action shots. Love all the color!

  2. Too bad the weather was what it was. I’ve always thought an event like this would be so cool to photography….in good weather…LOL And all those guys in such great shape! šŸ™‚

  3. I love watching these cyclists whether they are competing or just out for fun with one another. Usually they are so athletic and lithe…good to see in our culture of obesity.

  4. I’m impressed SDP has roadside experts! Looks like a tough group of cyclists withstanding those grey skies and chilly temps.

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