Eat your flowers

This is a shot from last summer, an ornamental cabbage that does well around here, especially during the cool weather “shoulder” growing seasons. It and flowering kale are edible raw or cooked, one of those vegetables you’re always encouraged to eat more of than you probably do.

6 thoughts on “Eat your flowers”

  1. Who knew cabbage could be so pretty? I’d be interested to see what flowering kale looks like. I love kale…it’s definitely part of my limited diet when it’s available.

  2. Kay, Just a quick “general” note to tell you how much seeing images of the area keeps me sane until I’m again able to relocate back to the region. Thanks.

  3. You don’t really eat these, do you? I’ve seen ornamental cabbage here, also, and I like it a lot, but I ain’t’ gonna eat it. 🙂 Very nice shot, Kay!

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