Purple blaze

There I was, snapping pictures of clouds, when a flash of color at my feet caught my eye. There, bordering the Olympic Discovery Trail, were blooming crocus. The cool thing was that once I noticed one I discovered them all along the trail, dotting the landscape in small and large clusters. Hints of spring, swaddled in a purple blaze.

8 thoughts on “Purple blaze”

  1. Without question, this is my very favorite flower and thank you for this lovely visual gift this morning. How I would have loved to see what you saw on the trail!

  2. What a glorious welcome sight for those enduring a harsh winter — and even for those us “enduring” temps in the 40s. So pretty. Spring definitely is on the way! That’s one thing I occasionally miss about living in Florida: we just don’t have the sure signs of seasonal changes.

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