A tree that may in summer wear

This big old tree caught my eye as I passed it the other day. It leaned a bit, as trees are sometimes wont to do. But a piece of metal sticking out of its crotch caught my eye.

There’s an assortment of chains and at least two padlocks holding the tree together. I wonder what a professional arborist would think of this.

8 thoughts on “A tree that may in summer wear”

  1. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to hold things together. It certainly is an interesting tree. I’d like to see it in full leaf, too.

    Re your comment on Ocala: This here is central Florida. We got more Baptists than you kin shake a stick at! We got a bunch of Catholics, too, and lots of other Protestants – even some “piscopalians,” although they split up ’cause some didn’t like homosexuals and stuff. In other words, we is full up with religious folks and their churches. We’ve even got several brands of Christian Jews, which a rabbi friend of mine said ain’t neither Christian nor Jewish. :))

  2. Yer objection re the gal singer is duly noted…she weren’t very good neither. Well, she was OK, but nuttin’ I’d write home to my ma about. Ain’t nobody who kin sing like ol’ Willie!

  3. You’ve got to be kiddin’ me?! What an incredible, mysterious find. The chains haven’t been there long…or at least not long enough for the tree to grow around them. You have sharp eyes to catch this one, Kay.

  4. Woops! I got that Kilmer line wrong! I hadn’t thought of it in years. . .it’s a “tree that may in SUMMER wear. . .” I think the administrator here (moi) needs to make a correction. . .

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