Five Acre goats revisited

One of my very first posts on the Sequim Daily Photo was a photo of a pair of goats that resided at the Five Acre School located next to the east side of the Dungeness Recreation Area. I was taken by the novelty of a school with live animals and then charmed by the goats themselves. That was in August 2011. More recently first one, then the other goat disappeared. A neighbor confirmed what we suspected: both goats had moved on to proverbial “greener pastures.”

A week or two ago the little goat enclosure was again occupied – by a pair of spry, cute, and slightly agitated little animals. New goats! I couldn’t wait to tiptoe over a few days later and take a closer look.

The goats had settled down by last weekend. I know very little about goats but these guys are really cute. They stood watching me quietly as I took their portraits.

Both goats have thick and very soft-looking coats and I have no doubt that they are already adored by the children at the Five Acre School.

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10 thoughts on “Five Acre goats revisited”

  1. Adorable. What young student wouldn’t want to go to school with these guys there to greet them?! I love their little black legs. So sweet.

  2. These are the handsomest goats I’ve ever seen. Great shots, too. Our youngest daughter who lives in south Florida raises some goats, and lately she’s bought some little bitty things – Nigerian goats, I think. Most of them are nice, but Mr. Bob is really nasty – he’ll come at you at full speed and try to butt you right over the fence.

    I was exaggerating a bit about the hot tub. It came with the house and sits on the lanai which is covered with a big birdcage. It’s really quite wonderful. The previous owners had not taken care of it, though, so it cost us a little bit to replace some parts. But the chemicals are nothing. The thing in 8 years old and is in great condition.

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