Fishing for mail

This eye-catching mailbox lives at the new Black Bear Restaurant in Sequim. Black Bears are locally owned franchises and the ones I’ve been to in California and now here all have large carved bears adorning their landscape. The bears here are fresh, cute, and nicely executed.

Here’s a closeup of the fishing bruin. The knot in his cheek is a nice touch.

Today is Saturday and the bear can expect a mail delivery today. This may change by fall if the Postal Service gets its way. I saw a recent poll and it seems people on the Olympic Peninsula don’t seem to mind losing their Saturday delivery. Parcels will still come. I guess it’s no big disappointment if the bills don’t arrive until Monday.

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18 thoughts on “Fishing for mail”

  1. I agree this bear is very well done! It’s a great mailbox. Down here we have fish mailboxes, dolphin mailboxes, boat mailboxes…well, you get the idea.

    Love your comment on Ocala. And I hadn’t really thought of it but you’re right. The old heroic cowboys (and others) always rode off into the sunset! ๐Ÿ™‚

    You can thank Congress for the post office mess! The USPS is the only “company” Congress forced to fork up billions of dollars for FUTURE benefit payments. It’s no wonder the USPS is in trouble. And non-delivery of mail on Saturdays is going to hurt a lot of people–esp. postal subs who depend on that income.

  2. Very cute and nicely done. The bear has quite an expressive face. Lowell, I completely agree with you about the USPS and Congress. Funding retirement for employees who aren’t even born yet makes no sense. Email, bill paying online, it’s all changed how we use the mail but it still makes me sad that there will no longer be mail on Saturdays starting in August.

  3. I’ve already determined that most of the mail I get on Saturdays is worthless, yet I worry about the state of the PO, thanks to modern technology.

  4. @ Lowell, the irony of Congress and the P.O. is that Congress has for decades raided Social Security funds. And now they raise alarms about its failure and call it an “entitlement” as if those who’ve paid into it for an entire working career are on the dole. (While they, of course, get kingly lifetime pensions and a healthcare plan that spares no expense.)

  5. No mail on Sat. will totally goof up my Netflix! Plus I always anticipate the mail! MY Mom , back in the War years said that mail was delivered TWICE a day. Morning and afternoon…THAT’S something to think about isn’t it? What excitement back them to receive a letter from a soldier!

  6. You are right on, Kay, with one caveat. FAUX News likes to make false equivalences, as if the Dems are just as bad as the Repugs. Not so. There is only one party who has vowed since 2008 to do nothing except bring Obama down, only one party that has created gridlock in Washington, only one party that is talking as if SS and Medicare are “entitlements” that maybe we’re not entitled to, only one party that raises taxes on the poor while refusing to make the rich pay an extra dime…etc. Social Security is not in trouble. All they need to is pay back the money they stole from it and raise the income cap, or better yet, remove it entirely!

  7. That is one great mailbox! I recall mail delivery twice a day way back when. Now I often get mail that’s meant for other people. The last time I requested the PO stop the mail for a week while I was away, they continued to deliver and then, when I returned, they stopped it for a week. We are supposed to lose our PO soon and will be serviced by another town. It’s not suprising…my town’s PO is hopeless. Maybe they should privatize?

  8. Now, really, do you think I would stoop so low as to Photoshop a picture like that? Heh, heh. Have you ever heard of snow in Ocala? I did. There were two flakes in 1986!

  9. I want it! For years I have been telling my family that I want a carved standing bear for my birthday and I never get one. Pretty soon I will just have to buy my own.

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