Theme Day: Umbrellas

It’s the first of the month, City Daily Photo’s Theme Day. February’s theme is “Umbrellas.”

I don’t care for rain umbrellas. If they don’t turn inside out they become shields and I feel like I’m walking a battering ram. Where we live people don’t seem to use rain umbrellas; a hood will do. And sun umbrellas? By the time we get sun in spring and summer most people seem so starved for vitamin D that they’re almost counterintuitive.

This is the kind of umbrella this Pacific Northwester longs for on the first of February: the little paper one on tropical drinks of garish colors with dreamy, sun-kissed ingredients. The kind you get when there’s a white sand beach nearby, splashed with turquoise waves, and the air’s warmed up to a balmy 80 degrees F. Yep. My kind of umbrella right just about now.

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18 thoughts on “Theme Day: Umbrellas”

  1. You are very creative. Super take on the theme! I hope you are able to find and enjoy this kind of umbrella over the weekend! Funny commentary, too.

    Re your comment on Ocala: You may be right. I’d have to go back and take a closer look. It is possible I jumped to a conclusion. Hope not, ’cause it would be the first mistake I’ve ever made. I used to tell my students that and they’d guffaw and make lots of funny noises. That wasn’t nice, was it?

  2. Ha — that’s a great take on today’s theme. Fun. I can honestly say I’ve only had one umbrella drink ever. Perhaps it’s time to change that. Have a super Friday!

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