Who's in charge here?

This isn’t what I intended. But I like it anyhow. And I’ve come to believe that always being in control isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

5 thoughts on “Who's in charge here?”

  1. This is an interesting effect, especially if you really look at it for a moment. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned with photography is that you can’t control everything. If you could, it probably wouldn’t be as much fun or challenging. (That’s what I tell myself when the clouds and sunlight are giving me fits.)

  2. Serendipity has often resulted in some of my best photography. This is a nice study in lines and shadows and one has to wonder what it fenced in.

  3. A photographic surprise…very cool…I like it! And those swans!!! We had 2 on a pond, a town over, several years ago. last I heard, they had disappeared…I’m going to have to ride over and check them out now that I have seen your wonderful shots!

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