When Florida blogger Lowell posted an enviably beautiful shot of a swan a month or two ago I had one of those moments of ignited curiousity. Mainly: “Hey! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a swan. I wonder if we have swans here.” Then I noticed some very big white birds – at quite a distance – in a field. I couldn’t figure out how to get closer and soon they disappeared.

Last week I passed another field and bingo! There they were, closer to the road. It’s possible they’re common here but I admit to getting really excited. They didn’t glide serenely across a glittering pond, but a swan’s a swan. I’m think they were trumpeter swans. They could be tundra swans but their heads and all black bills look a little more like what I see in my book. I’ll post another couple shots tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Swans!”

  1. Greetings, Kay. I see you’re trumpeting the fact you got some nice pics of swans. I would do the same but I’ve already sung me swan song.

    What does that mean, to sing one’s “swan song”?

    They’re very pretty birds but can be kinda nasty, too.

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  2. That swan certainly was ready for its close-up, wasn’t it? Sometimes it takes seeing someone else blog about a subject to get motivated to do the same. Glad you were able to track these guys down.

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