Scamp update

If you follow this blog you may recall that last September I posted some photos of the Scamp sailboat in action at the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend. My husband bought plans at the festival to build a Scamp and I promised occasional updates on progress of the build. The Scamp above is one on display at the festival.

The Scamp boat is a project of the Small Craft Advisor magazine based in Port Townsend. “Scamp” is an acronym for Small Craft Advisor Magazine Project and the magazine owns the rights to the Scamp. In addition to selling the boat plans, the magazine also sells pre-cut kits for construction and co-hosts “Scamp Camps,” classes to construct the boat under the direction of the Scamp designer, John Welsford.

After studying the boat plans and looking at his growing list of questions about its construction, my husband decided to turn his back on the time honored, stereotypical male practice of not asking for directions. . .he signed up to attend the third Scamp Camp this coming March. A month or two ago he attended a mast-building class with members of the first Scamp Camp (a second one was held in Michigan in November). In the meantime he has been constructing some of the parts and pieces that will go on the boat.

I’ll see if I can gate crash the Scamp Camp and take some photos of the work in progress. In the meantime, stay tuned. I’ll see if my favorite boat builder will permit me to take a shot or two of what he’s been working on.

3 thoughts on “Scamp update”

  1. Kudos to your husband, not only for his willingness to ask for assistance, but for taking on such a project to begin with, although you did mention he’s a sailor of long-standing and this is a really cute little Scamp!

    Have fun hanging out wherever thou goest!

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