End of the line II

I posted the shot above on September 25th. Pardon the repetition, but I think it’s striking to take a look at it again, a month later, with an updated shot.

I’m not sure when the cupola disappeared into that gaping hole in the roof. I noticed its absence a week or two after I posted the first shot. As evidenced here, the wind and weather this time of the year is not kind to fragile buildings.

I ventured closer to this barn the day I took the latest shot. I’ll post more portraits of it tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “End of the line II”

  1. Sad to see that old barn go down…looks like it was a nice barn!
    I’m frequently amazed at the numbers of buildings and barns left for ruin like this around the countryside…I always wondered what cause the previous owner to up and walk away…
    Thanks for visiting MammothLakesDP!!!

  2. Nature has a way of reclaiming her land and ridding herself of human achievements. Terrific photos. I’ll bet you could take a photo a week and thus chronicle it’s certain demise.

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