Autumn on the bridge

Autumn moves fast here. Many of the trees that show early fall colors have begun to lose leaves just as some of the reds and golds have begun to pop. Yesterday at Railroad Bridge Park, above, people had bouquets of huge golden and brown leaves from big leaf maples, easily a full foot across. This area has plenty of evergreens, too, so it’s never entirely bare and grey.

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13 thoughts on “Autumn on the bridge”

  1. I love this park…that bridge is to die for…and you’ve got a river and all those tree and lots of evergreens! Can’t beat that. I should think it would be heavenly to spend a few hours out there in the woods! Especially when the leaves turn.

  2. Hello Kay

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  3. Yes, it is true that some trees barely begin to change and then they leaves drop… wah.wah.wah… love this scene Kay, a lovely spot for a stroll (with one’s camera of course)! Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #53!

  4. Very cool shot, makes you wish you could just jump into the scene and go for a walk. Luckily for us, we live close enough to actually do it!

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