Is bigger better?

If you keep careful watch you can see paper wasp nests like these here and there. I thought paper wasps were somewhat solitary and their nests relatively small but this is a real tribute to animal architecture and there was plenty of activity as I watched. This nest is about the size of a basketball. Is bigger better? I got stung by a wasp this summer. I rather think not.

5 thoughts on “Is bigger better?”

  1. Fantastic! I’m familiared with wasp nests both here and in the tropics, but have never seen one like this.

    P.S. Sorry I haven’t been posting or visiting lately but my free time has been entirely spent at the hospital where my mothet still is, after having had three infarctions. She’s much better now and I hope she will go home soon.

  2. They have been very numerous here this year, with small nests appearing in several spots around home. A real pain, actually, we need a good frost or two this winter to set them back a bit.

  3. We get these frequently out here in Diamond Point. There is still a huge one up under the edge of of roof from last year. I hate to destroy it, it really is a work of art.

  4. There seem to me to be more wasps this year. We’ve had several nests in our greenhouse and I’ve seen some along the eaves of our house. I don’t recall seeing so many before. . .

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