Here come the cuties

The Peninsula Daily News reported this week that the bee balloons would fly during the Sequim Balloon Festival this weekend. They sounded very cute – and they didn’t disappoint.

Up they came, then they hovered for a while down behind some trees. Then came the fleeting embrace.

Here’s a closer view. The three bees and three or four other balloons landed in a field next to where we’d stopped. Most were balloons we hadn’t see in flight earlier this week and the balloonist we asked mentioned they came down because the spot looked very convenient. The flights seemed short to us; the landing site was only about a mile from their launch site at Sequim Airport. And most of the balloons we saw landed without benefit of a chase crew.

Come back tomorrow if you’re not oversaturated with balloon photos. I’ll post photos of a few of the more conventional – but nonetheless striking – ones.

7 thoughts on “Here come the cuties”

  1. Kay, the top shot is just brilliant, you should frame it and hang it on the wall! It’s absolutely amazing and I’ve never seen balloons as cute as these.

  2. The balloon festival has been really fun. It’s nice to see how many people it has brought out…all ages. It’s exciting to see them up in the air. So many bright, colorful ones and the bees are so cute! You got some great pictures of them that captured the bright colors and the beautiful scenery. I hope those putting it on and going for the rides are having as good of a time with it as those on the ground have had watching.

  3. These are delightful! Some of the nicest I’ve seen. Love the photo where they “fleetingly embrace.” Great photography. The background scenery is gorgeous, too. Lovely light. All in all, this post is a real winner!

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