A blast from the past

I saw this display recently in a shop in Port Townsend.

Sock monkeys! I haven’t seen these things in a good many years. These were toys that moms made when I was a child. It’s nice to see them again. And I wonder if anyone’s mother still makes them.

Did you ever have one of these? What was your favorite toy as a child?

6 thoughts on “A blast from the past”

  1. Hi Kay! Boy, this brings back memories. My mother used to make these things and give them away to her grandchildren or others she thought “worthy.” I don’t think we have any around anymore, though.

  2. My son had one when he was a child and each of his 3 sons has one although, with all the toys today, I know they are not as attached to their sock monkeys as my son was to his. I have one in the middle of being created…I really need to make him complete!

  3. I am a day late on this one. Sorry. My Mom made them also…for the Church Bazaar…she felt guilty 40 years later, she’d never made one for us kids! How I would have treasured one of hers. I do have a tiny store bought one that is supposed to be a Christmas ornament.

  4. I never had one but I’d sure like to get one for my granddaughter. She hasn’t outgrown her need for stuffed toys…has hundreds of them!

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