The tree tunnel

Patricia, one of our locals, mentioned this spot to me a while back: the tree tunnel. I didn’t realize that she was referring to this spot until I went looking for it down the street she mentioned. “Oh, yes! This place! Of course!” I pass it all the time. This is a private road, an entrance to a homesite. It is as enigmatic as it looks: dark, narrow, and even a little foreboding. And there is a “No Trespassing” sign near the first tree.

You’ve got to stand back at some distance to see the full length of the trees. From the north you can see a home at the end of the drive. It doesn’t look at all like the Addams Family spooky mansion you might expect but you wouldn’t know that from the street.

5 thoughts on “The tree tunnel”

  1. People around here can be very serious about their “no trespassing” signs and many people have guns. (A man recently “discouraged” a pair of home invaders by shooting at them through his front door.) I don’t readily explore unless it’s an area where I’m sure it’s okay!

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