The Lavender Festival, 2

Yesterday’s weather wouldn’t have thrilled sun-worshipers, but the lavender at Jardin du Soleil was bright enough to make a lavender lover happy.

Purple Haze Lavender has beautiful fields in all directions, rain or shine.

And the fields at Olympic Lavender Farm were a vivid contrast to a grey day.

This display of plants for sale at Lost Mountain Lavender would have visitors believe that life is just a bed of lavender in Sequim.

I understand that the farmers who make up the Sequim Lavender Farmers Association are a cooperative group and supportive of one another. But at times while visiting the farms on the Lavender Farm Tour it seems like they’re all trying to be tops in having beautiful vistas across fields of fragrant lavender. It’s quite a treat.

5 thoughts on “The Lavender Festival, 2”

  1. I’ve seen a “flower bed” like this in a yard in Ocala. But I’ve never seen lavender like this. So gorgeous. Actually, the colors are probably deeper and richer because it was an overcast day…you don’t have to worry about too much contrast or blown-out highlights!

  2. so pretty!
    purple is my favorite color since a while now… really nice.
    my parents have a lot of lavender in their garden. never see it around here.

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