More on the eagle theme

This eagle decided to hang out in a freshly hayed field. I’m not exaggerating. I stopped, took pictures. Talked to a passerby. Drove home. He took off and flew away when my husband drove by again about 10 minutes later. I’m guessing he had a big lunch in that field.

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6 thoughts on “More on the eagle theme”

  1. This just blows me away. I can’t get anywhere near these things down here and that one is just sitting there, looking as majestic as ever, in the middle of a hayfield while you take it’s picture. Fascinating!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. SO magnificent aren’t they? Although I usually see them from a profile (like this) the first time one looked at me head on, it was so intense I felt like prey! Thank you Kay, for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #37!

  3. I guess he might also wanted to be photographed over and over again. A vain eagle? 🙂 Great find and shot.

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