Big Brother barn

The light wasn’t great but I thought this was an interesting barn. Pulled over. Got out of the car and walked up to the fence. Took the shot.

Now, I fear, I may be on wanted signs in the local post office. People can be prickly about their land around here. Notice the camera at the top center of the innocent looking barn.

7 thoughts on “Big Brother barn”

  1. you stayed on the right side of the fence, right…?
    i find that scary sometimes too…. and then those crazy laws in some states that you can shoot on sight when on someone else’s property… scary…

  2. It’s hard to know what’s up. There are signs like these on fences around the whole farm. I don’t know if they have had problems with people going onto their fields, if they have something to hide, or if they just want to make it clear that it’s private property.

  3. They put up new fencing last year…then the cameras went up. About this time last year. I guess when I see that I figure, like you…what are they hiding?? Bothers seems like our nice casual countryside is fast disappearing.

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