First wild blossom

Red-flowering currant (ribes sanguineum) is one of the earliest natives to bloom here. Lately I’ve seen leaves unfurling on the winter wood of these bushes. This is the first and only blossom I’ve seen so far, found on a bush near the Dungeness River last Thursday.

Update: Today I saw more red-flowering currants in bloom and noticed they didn’t look like this one. Miriam clarified for me by noting that this is a salmonberry. Thank you, Miriam!

6 thoughts on “First wild blossom”

  1. Hi Kay,

    It’s Norma. AKA Lavenderlady. I had a call from a person (with a business) I posted a photo of in 2007. She ask me if I could remove the photo. Can you send me an email and I will give you the date. Thanks so much. Norma

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