Victoria day tripping, 5

There’s a lot to enjoy in Victoria, but one of my favorite go-to spots is the Royal BC Museum, located a short walk from the Coho Ferry dock. In addition to having wonderful First Peoples exhibits and a great selection of totem poles, there is an “Old Town” exhibit that recreates a British Columbia frontier town at the turn the the last century. It includes well-stocked storefronts, a small theater playing a silent film, a hotel, and windows onto daily life.

One of my favorite views is into this kitchen where the curtain in the window moves from a gentle breeze.

There is also a recreated fish cannery, a stable, and a glimpse of a mining operation. You can walk aboard a recreation of the HMS Discovery, the ship that Capt. George Vancouver used for his explorations, and see how his office and quarters may have looked. The floor gently moves, adding to the feeling of having boarded a real ship. A separate natural history gallery moves through a variety of environments. I just love having a spectacular museum like this a ferry ride away!

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