Chord, the Wonder Dog. Avid walker. Fine companion. Most people think their animals are the best in the world. I’m no different.

Chord tip toed through the tulips at the Skagitt Valley Tulip Festival last year. I’d known of this event for many years but last spring was my first opportunity to visit. I’ll share a few more pictures in the next day or two.

9 thoughts on “Chord”

  1. It’s hard to take a good photo of a black dog, but you definitely did it – all of his beauty is showing, especially his beautiful brown eyes. If he had been facing just a little more toward you, you wouldn’t have got such definition of his features – good on you! Chord is truly beautiful!

  2. Love that shot… love the Tulip Fest too… I’ve never seen so many photographers in one place nor so many tripods and long lenses… lol of course I was one too!

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