Love is where you find it

I met my husband when he walked into my tacky, chaotic, shared office in the basement of a major hotel. About five minutes later he declared he’d fallen in love with me. It definitely got my attention — eight months later we were married. He’s a keeper.

What about you? Do you have a love in your life? Did you find it in an unexpected place? What is your story?

Happy Valentine’s Day. May you be blessed with enduring love!

7 thoughts on “Love is where you find it”

  1. I met DH while I was moving into a new apt. He and his room-mate helped me bring my things from the car to the apt. I dated his room-mate for awhile but when he left town for a short while, DH and I started dating. Less than a year later, we eloped. The rest is history…on Friday we celebrate our 50th!!

  2. What a romantic story! Love at first sight! – My husband was the teacher of my singles Sunday school class. Within five minutes of being in his class for the first time, I asked myself, “Is he THE ONE?” Then I quickly said no to myself because I didn’t like his name. I had already had a relationship with someone who had the same name and it didn’t turn out well. But a year and a half later that didn’t seem to matter at all. LOL! – Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day Kay!!! And thank you for visiting MammothLakesDP!!! I met my hubby in Junior High School…went to several dances together during my Jr and his Senior year in High School…went our separate ways…he was married for 20+ years to a woman who was a year behind me in High School…I married and divorced two times before he and I got together again…turned out our wedding day was exactly 32 years to the day after our first dance in High School…I had our pics framed and hung in our home, and about 6 months later was walking down the hallway and noticed the date beneath the dance photo…first time I realized the coincidence!!!

  4. that looks like a nice cup. yummie.
    so love at first sight does exist!
    i met tim in 1999 when we started our study biomedical sciences at the university of amsterdam. i found him very annoying. 8 months or so later he still hadnt stopped annoying me, and i kind of liked it. we were together for 3 years. i broke up. never wanted to see him again. finished my studies, moved to utrecht and started my PhD there. every year on my bday he would send me a book, as i like reading. and i never replied or thanked him. at some point, 4 (?) years later, we started emailing again. but it took a year or so for us to meet. and then another year or so and we were back together again. i was about to finish my PhD, and he finished his second study; medical school. then i dragged him to boston and he put his specialization aside for the moment and is doing his PhD, while i am doing a postdoc. weird, huh?

  5. Yesterday (St. Valentine’s Day) hubby and I celebrated our 36th anniversary. We met when he was dating a co-worker of mine. Another friend told me he “wasn’t my type” but turns out he was exactly my type.

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