Theme Day: Animals

This month’s City Daily Photo Theme Day is “Animals.” These big boys were chowing down not far from Home Depot.

This fellow was in the next field. Consider this an example of “Things I Never Thought About Animals Doing.” That is, how does a bull lie down? Judging by the expression on his face, in this case it didn’t feel graceful.

But all’s well that ends well. In all the photos after this one our boy’s eyes were closed and he looked quite serene.

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4 thoughts on “Theme Day: Animals”

  1. The close-up of the black bulls was with a standard lens. . .but there was a conveniently placed fence between us. They were far more interested in lunch than me. The brown fellow was captured with a zoom.

  2. In both the top and the bottom photo, those guys are looking at you quite intently and I suppose are wondering about you as much as you about them!!

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