Yesterday was our third consecutive day of snow. We’ve limited our travels to walks in the Dungeness Recreation Area; it snows infrequently enough here that we’re a little leery of other drivers. It stopped snowing long enough yesterday for me to finally pull out my camera.

It’s hard to estimate just how much snow has fallen. Some areas have deeper drifts from wind but enough has fallen that there’s even plenty in forested areas. It’s still light and powdery; I’m guessing there’s at least four to six inches. I’ll post more snow pictures over the next couple of days. In the meantime, for those of you watching the white stuff come down: do stay warm!

4 thoughts on “Snowbound”

  1. Freshly fallen snow on trees and branches always makes the environment look fresh and magical. Your photos do exactly that…mission accomplished!

  2. How pretty and pure! Thanks for getting out in it and showing us that pristine landscape! I can almost see Little Red Riding Hood coming up the snowy path now.

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