Piers and perches

Before our current road system, water travel was a ready way to get around on the Olympic Peninsula and trade also took to the water. Remnants of old piers have been removed, including one at Port Williams. This one, at the end of Sequim-Dungeness Road, reached into Dungeness Bay and served water traffic between the Olympic Peninsula and the New Dungeness Light Station. These days seagulls find them a convenient perch.

11 thoughts on “Piers and perches”

  1. Pretty picture, I like how the light hits it. You must be out of town or staying home during this weather because no snow shots. Hope you are staying warm.

  2. oooh, you have snow?
    here we had some on monday, i did not want to goto sleep… and the next day it all got rained away… 🙁
    the water looks so perfect in this pic.

  3. I love the amber light you’ve caught here and the receding line of pilings… thanks Kay for sharing this beautiful image on Week #14 of Weekly Top Shot. I hope you’ll share again next week…

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